Baking Bread

Early-morning preparations at Amanda's Bakery
Emporia, Kansas

Since its opening Amanda’s Bakery has quickly become one of the most popular lunch spots in town.  As with all business, success depends on constant hard work, much of it behind the scenes. While the rest of us are still asleep, the morning preparations begin.  Walk by the Kress building at dawn and the fragrance of fresh bread will already fill the air. Sunflower-wheat, honey-wheat, French bread, cinnamon rolls, all need to be prepared and ready. Vegetables and fruit are often purchased early that morning, and then carefully washed and sliced.

Small business owners know all of the other hidden work that comes with the territory: hiring and training of employees, managing the money, paying taxes, washing dishes, keeping the facilities clean and inviting, researching new dishes such as the Panini of the month.  



Amanda Johnston
Amanda Johnston - photo by Cheryl Unruh


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